Paul Verni (Ringo Starr)

Paul Verni started his love of musical instruments from the age of 5, originally wanting to learn the trombone and perform in the School band, at Smithfield West Primary School, Sydney.

Paul then came across a drum kit in pieces, and after he attempted to put it all together, he started bashing on them. He knew immediately, this was the right instrument for him.

Paul grew up listening to Phil Collins, The Who, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. He was even more influenced in playing the drums after seeing Phil Collins perform with Eric Clapton and friends, Ringo from The Beatles, Keith Moon from The Who and John Bonham from Led Zeppelin.

Paul was self-taught and then started playing in bands from High School, with kids 2 years older than him. He then started to play with other musos and eventually began playing Original and self-written music, co-writing with his fellow band mates.

Paul was eventually signed to a minor independent record label that saw him touring nationally. After the band disbanded, Paul continued to play with other original and cover bands, as he could not give up the love of playing and performing in front of audiences.

In 2010, Paul was offered the position to perform as Ringo in The Beatles Tribute Band The Beatlegs, and with his love of The Beatles he could not pass up such a great opportunity. The Beatlegs has been and continues to be one of the greatest highlights in his musical career.